FMJ Property Services
373 Cambridge Heath Road London
E2 9RA, 020 7729 0338

Why Choose Us

We at FMJ believe that no one should pay over the top, in fact should not pay more than what they need to to sell or let their property.

Hence, we made a concious decision that we as a business will not charge our clients more than what we think we can get away with, rather we'll only charge what we need to charge to be a viable business while ensuring that we are able to provide a professional service to our client that they derserve.


And we believe the reasons you should choose us is beacuse;


  • We promise to let property swiftly - so minimise the rental loss
  • We promise to achieve highest rent possible- maximising rental income
  • We promise to provide a professional service 
  • We promise to market your property widely and 
  • We promise to present your property to make it as attractive as possible
  • And above all we promise that we will not be beaten on the commission we charge.