Standard fees & Terms and conditions

Letting Fees

Lettings Only 9.60% (8% +VAT)
Renewal on 1st 2 years 8.40% (7% +VAT)
Continuation after renewals 8.40% (7%+VAT)
Lettings & Property management 12% (10% + VAT)
Renewals on 1st 2 years 10.8% (9% +VAT)
Deposit Protection registration £25
Energy Performance Certificate £60
Gas safety £60
Potable Appliance Test £80
Section 21 £50
Court Appearance (charged per day or part of) £150
License application service fee £200
Work over £1000 6% (5%+VAT)

All fees unless stated otherwise stated are inclusive of VAT

Sellers fees & Terms and conditions

Standard fees

Sole Agency 1.75% (1.46% +VAT)
Multiple agency 2.75% (2.29% +VAT)

Tenant fees

A fee of £100 is charged for any contract variation, amendment or change of occupant at the request of the tenant within an existing tenancy

Deposit for a tenancy Equivalent of 5 weeks rent
Default fee interest chargeable on late rent. If rent is more than 14 days overdue 4% above Bank of England Base rate